Eclipse Timings – Manila

Below are the timings for the total lunar eclipse on the night of 27/28 July 2018 as viewed from Manila, Philippines.

Eclipse Phase Time (PHT)
Penumbral eclipse begins Penumbral eclipse begins 01:14
Partial eclipse begins Partial eclipse begins 02:24
Total eclipse begins Total eclipse begins 03:30
Maximum eclipse Maximum eclipse 04:21
Total eclipse ends Total eclipse ends 05:13
Moonset Moonset 05:44
Partial eclipse ends Partial eclipse ends (Moon below horizon) 06:19
Penumbral eclipse ends Penumbral eclipse ends (Moon below horizon) 07:28

In Manila the eclipse will begin while the Moon is 50 degrees high in the sky in the early hours of 28 July (night of the 27th). The total phase of the eclipse will begin at 3:30 am at a low altitude of just under 28 degrees in the southwest. The Moon will steadily sink further towards the horizon as the eclipse progresses with the Moon eventually setting during the partial phases at 5:44 am.

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