Observing the eclipse from London on 27 July

London skyline Moonrise

The eclipse of the Moon on 27 July, 2018 will be visible from London, UK. However millions of Londoners (and all UK observers for that matter) will not be able to witness the eclipse from beginning to end. Careful planning is needed to observe as much of the eclipse as possible from the UK. From London this could prove difficult.

In London, the Moon will rise at 8:49 pm on 27th July as the total phase of the eclipse is already underway. Our natural satellite will rise in a South-easterly direction where the total phase of the eclipse will progress while the Moon is still rising. Observers will have to try to find a location with an unobstructed view of the South-eastern horizon to observe the eclipse from London.

Maximum eclipse occurs just half an hour after moonrise at a desperately low 3.5 degrees above the horizon. With many buildings dominating the London skyline, it will be difficult to even locate the Moon leave alone observing it for any prolonged period of time. The total phase of the eclipse ends at 10:13 pm with the Moon still only 9 degrees above the horizon. The eclipse finally ends at 12:28 am (28 July) 18 degrees above the southern horizon.

Eclipse Phase Time (BST)
Penumbral eclipse begins Penumbral eclipse begins (Moon below horizon) 18:14
Partial eclipse begins Partial eclipse begins (Moon below horizon) 19:24
Total eclipse begins Total eclipse begins (Moon below horizon) 20:30
Moonrise Moonrise 20:49
Maximum eclipse Maximum eclipse 22:21
Total eclipse ends Total eclipse ends 23:13
Partial eclipse ends Partial eclipse ends 00:19 (28 Jul)
Penumbral eclipse ends Penumbral eclipse ends 01:28 (28 Jul)

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